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Show or hide Menu Bar items on your Mac with just a few clicks.
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Sebastian Hallum Clark

Broomstick is a Mac application that enables you to hide, reveal or move program icons on your Menu Bar. The utility comes with easy-to-configure settings, doesn't slow down the performance of your system while operating in your Menu Bar, and immediately applies the needed changes.

You can choose from the main window of the app which type of action you wish to complete: Hide An App, Show An App or Customize Order Of Menubar Icons. The program will guide you every step of the way and quickly get the job done. In my testing, the app successfully completed the 3 aforementioned tasks.

However, I prefer using the default OS X method for arranging Menu Bar items (hold Command key and use your mouse to move the icons). Broomstick provides you with a time-consuming option for rearranging Menu Bar icons. You need to enter the names of the apps in the order you need them to be on your Menu Bar.

Another thing I noticed while testing the program was that it immediately shuts down after checking if there are any app updates available.

Other than that, nothing bad can be said about this utility. It provides you with a quick way to hide or reveal Menu Bar items on your Mac. What's more, it's free. I'd say it's worth a shot.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Compatible with multiple apps
  • Helps you rearrange Menu Bar items
  • Provides you with a quick way to hide items from your Menu Bar


  • Immediately quits after checking if there are any app updates available
  • Provides you with a time-consuming way to rearrange Menu Bar items
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