Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt is a game where you need to clear the magic glyphs.
Playrix Entertainment

Brickshooter Egypt is a nice puzzle game where you need to clear the magic glyphs from the board in order to proceed to the next level. The game has an Egyptian theme so you will rebuild pyramids as you win the levels. To clear these magic glyphs you need to form groups with three or more blocks matching the color of the glyph. To put blocks in the board, you need to click on the blocks that are surrounding the glyphs. When you click on them, they will move towards the center of the board until they hit another block. However, you can only move the blocks that will hit another block. As you advance in the game, there will be more glyphs to clear and more colors so the levels will get more and more challenging.

Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode and only one difficulty level. Graphics are simple but attractive, sounds are fine, and the music is very suitable and pleasant.

All in all, if you want a challenging and enjoyable game to pass the time, Brickshooter Egypt may be an excellent choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Attractive theme
  • Enjoyable and challenging


  • Only one mode
  • Only one difficulty level
  • Simple graphics and sounds
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