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BreakQuest is a very enjoyable and original arkanoid game.
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BreakQuest is a very enjoyable and original arkanoid game in which you need to break all the blocks by using a ball and a bumper to make the ball bounce on it. When you have broken all the bricks or blocks in a level, you can proceed to the next one. To move the bumper, you just move your mouse and click to shoot the ball. As the game has a space theme, the bumper represents a ship. When you start a level, you can select the difficulty level and ship type.
Some bricks may contain power-ups and power-downs that you can see in detail in the Help menu. You should study them by heart, so you do not catch the bad ones. To obtain their power, you need to catch them with your ship. The game includes two modes: Quest and Arcade. In Quest mode, you unlock level by level, and they get more and more challenging as you progress. However, to play Arcade mode, you first need to get 5 keys in Quest mode, and you can play any level that has been previously unlocked in quest mode. The game offers simple graphics and sounds, and the music is suitable but very repetitive, and gets annoying after some time.
To conclude, if you like arkanoid games, you definitely should try BreakQuest.

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  • Lots of power-ups and downs
  • Every level has a different layout
  • You can select the difficulty level
  • Two modes


  • Simple graphics and sounds,
  • Annoying music



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