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Bounceback Professional 8.1

Backup software.
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BounceBack Professional is designed for hard drive based backup and recovery. It's the perfect solution for professional and home users who value their data and the time spent creating it. BounceBack Professional creates an exact copy of your computer hard drive including files, applications and the operating system allowing for easy access and the immediate recovery of lost or deleted files. Hard drives are vulnerable to failure, virus attacks, theft or data loss. BounceBack can protect you. Bootability Creates a bootable backup drive. QuickRestore Restore Single files, folders, or complete hard drive volumes by selecting what you want to restore. Backup Sets Create custom sets of data to backup, and specify their backup destinations. Scheduler Schedule backup sets by date and time or date and connection. Incremental Backup Saves time by quickly backing up only those files that have been changed or newly created since the last backup was performed. Native File Format All data is backed up in its original file format for easy access and data sharing. Exclusions List You can add folders to an Exclusions list, folders in this list are not backed up.

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