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Botanicula is an extremely creative and charming game filled with surprises.
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Amanita Design

Botanicula is a point and click adventure game that is absolutely unique - a one of a kind game experience. The five characters you play as are charming and creative, small creatures from a mushroom to a flying feather with eyes. They run together where you click and by exploring their world you are introduced to the plot. And exploring their world is a real enjoyment; it's imaginative, beautiful and sometimes quite bizarre. The entire game gives an incredible warm feeling, and when the "bad guys" are actually introduced, you can't help but feel a sense of duty to help save the trees and other creatures. This game is all about helping people so you can get to the next step - pretty much all the puzzles are like that. And the music can't be forgotten, it fits Botanicula perfectly. It's often sweet, can be weird in places and overall enhances the already pleasant atmosphere.

I'm on my second playthrough and enjoying it just as much as the first time I played it, although now I am braced for some of the oddities that come up. Whether you like the style of Botanicula or not, it's impossible not to be amazed by what the designers of this game came up with. The creatures, the settings, everything is beyond anything you could imagine. I assume that some people might find this game just too weird, but I have only heard positive reactions, and I can't come up with a single thing I dislike about Botanicula. It's absolutely a favorite game of mine.

Botanicula is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. I have played it on both Windows and Mac and it runs smoothly. I urge anyone to at least try out this game, the developers have a browser-based trial version on the website for Botanicula, free for anyone to test.

Heather Dawson
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