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Simplify connecting your SoundLink Air to your wireless network for AirPl.
Question by George Biddle
February 1, 2023

there is no setup file or .exe in this download

Usha Kumari
Answer by Usha Kumari

The Bose SoundLink Air Wi-Fi SetUp Application is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 and newer. Instead, the application is now available as a web application that can be accessed using any browser. To set up your SoundLink Air speaker, go to the Bose website and search for "SoundLink Air web setup" to access the web application.

Question by SM
January 15, 2023

MacBook shows this message:

"Bose SoundLink Air Wi-Fi SetUp Application” needs to be updated.

I tried all troubleshooting options Bose provided. I moved and needed to update my WIFI information and now I can't use my Bose speaker.

Usha Kumari
Answer by Usha Kumari

The question is related to software and is in English.

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