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Boostnote is an open-sourced note app for programmers.
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Boostnore is intended to help you take notes. The particularity of this editor is that it is mainly intended for programmers, who usually need to work with lots of code. The program has a straightforward interface. While it is true that it does not come with any user manual, there is a brief tutorial as well as examples of notes that store HTML and JavaScript codes. So, I do not think any programmer will have problems to use it right away.

Boostnote has practically everything you need to organize your notes efficiently. There are different ways to do so. First, it is possible to use tags, which will later let you use filters accordingly. Likewise, you can simply star those notes you consider more important. Besides, you can create various storage locations and even use a color code to identify them. Finally, you can always use its powerful search feature to find any note.

It is great that the tool supports various coding languages, such as HTML, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Vue and CSS, which means you can use the note format that best adapts to your needs. An additional benefit is that syntax highlighting is supported, which favors note-taking. Last but not least, the tool lets you see the code and semi-live previews side by side.

In short, I am sure that the features available from Boostnote will be welcomed by programmers. It is certainly a great way to organize their markdown notes more efficiently. Luckily, the product is absolutely free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple code languages
  • Cross-platform
  • Synchronizes notes
  • Various ways to organize notes
  • Syntax highlighting


  • No user manual
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