Boomer 3.1

Free General purpose modeling and simulation program.
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BOOMER is a general purpose modeling and simulation program. It provides the estimation of parameter values by non-linear weighted least squares regression or the simulation of complex systems of differential equations. Parameter estimation can be by normal or Bayesian methods. A comprehensive list of weighting schemes is included. The model to be analyzed can be entered as a system of integrated equations or as a system of differential equations. Differential equations are solved by a classical fourth order Runge-Kutta method, a fourth order Runge-Kutta-Gill method, a four/five Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg method, an Adams predictor-corrector method, or Gear's method for stiff equations. Simulation with random error in parameters or data are also possible. A batch run can be repeated many times to assist in Monte Carlo type studies.
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Fixed a bug that caused a segmentation error with more than 30 adjustable parameters ;-)added form feed to output



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