Bomber Cat 1.0

A puzzle-based adventure game about a cat.
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Control a cat named Misu who wants to eat all the cheeseburgers. Complete multiple levels with various obstacles and puzzles blocking your way. Collect cheeseburgers and increase your score, defeat opponents, bypass the obstacles, and unlock more stages.

Join Misu; a bomb spitting space cat, in its quest to eat as many cheeseburgers as it can possibly lay its paws on!
Destroy your way through puzzling obstacles and fight the forces of Dartz Moos with nothing but several tons of gunpowder powered bombs, all while avoiding any harm to come to those delicious cheeseburgers or yourself!
★ Five unique bomb types.
★ 120 levels of explosive puzzles
★ Platforming action across 4 distinct environments
★ Collect Burger Coins to customize your lolcat
★ Dangerous enemies to defeat and hazards to avoid
★ Dynamic sunsets and weather effects
★ Unique bovine boss fights
★ Play as a bomb spitting cat!

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