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Design your own website without needing to write code.
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Blocs is intended to help you design your own website even if you cannot write a single line of code. In fact, the application's name comes from "blocs", as the developers have chosen to call the different spaces that make up a webpage, and which you can fill with "brics". Luckily, it supports creating responsive websites, which are made to automatically adapt to different screen sizes and shapes.

The tool has a nice modern interface. In this respect, a site can easily be created by accommodating blocs on the different page sections. Then, via drag-and-drop operations, you can populate the blocs with brics, which can be headers, paragraphs, images, etc. Luckily, there is a large collection of brics to choose from. What is more, advanced users can design their own brics, thanks to the availability of a built-in bric editor.

If you want to customize your site, it is excellent that you may still write your own pieces of code. In this regard, there is a class editor to modify CSS styles. Likewise, it is possible to insert analytics and JavaScript code to your page.

The application supports creating beautiful websites that do not get distorted when you view it on different devices or browsers. Fortunately, you can switch to preview mode and visualize the site as it would appear on a given screen.

Although the idea of dragging and dropping parts of a web page just as if they were pieces of a puzzle is great, sometimes it gets too difficult to place a given bric exactly where you want it to go. more

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  • Creates modern responsible websites
  • Preview mode available
  • No need to write code
  • Large collection of brics
  • Built-in bric editor
  • Supports customization by writing pieces of code


  • Placing brics gets too difficult at times


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