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Bitrate Pro 2.2

A dashboard widget for calculating media encoding values based on presets.
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Daniel Pimley

Bitrate Pro is created for users who perform audio and video encoding calculations. It is available as a Dashboard Widget and provides multiple presets in order to speed up the work with different media file sizes, time durations as well as data rates.

Users can drag and drop media files directly into the widget (drag the file, hit F12 and drop inside the widget). It supports QuickTime types of formats.

The interaction with Mac's Finder along with the wide range of input extensions is welcomed but I can't see audio-visual professionals using a dashboard widget; also I found it a bit inconvenient having to constantly switch between the desktop and the Dashboard interface each time I had to look for the time duration and size of video file.

For casual use, Bitrate Pro does come in handy. By using presets you can quickly calculate encoding values by selecting the appropriate data from the dropdown menu. (For example, a 64 minute video filmed with Sony HDCAM that will be burned on a 700 MB CD). However, users cannot create their own profiles for repetitive tasks other than the ones available which is a feature that most bitrate calculators usually have. Bitrate Pro does its job quite well but is certainly not a tool for power users.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Preset based
  • Drag and drop support
  • Intuitive and elegant interface


  • No preset editor
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