BiggerPicture 1.1

Upscale images up to eight times while preserving their quality.

BiggerPicture is an application that offers to upscale images up to eight times while preserving their quality. Most often, enlarging low-resolution pictures using common resizing procedures leads to distorted images. BiggerPicture seems to come with an alternative method that increases the resolution of images in order to obtain large-sized pictures with quality results.

Loading the images you want to upscale is done easily via drag-and-drop. Once the picture is imported, you can check the initial number of pixels so you can know how many times you should enlarge it. If increasing the image two times, four times, or eight times doesn't fit your needs, you can switch to the Pixels tab to select an intermediate number of pixels. The tool also includes a smart noise reduction option which you can use to produce sharp and clear output images. Having all the settings done, you are ready to save your project. Unfortunately, you can't do it without getting a watermark on the resulting picture. In addition, the conversion takes longer than imagined.

To conclude, the idea of having a program specialized in upscaling images is commendable. Presenting it as freeware, but not being able to get a fine result unless you buy the corresponding add-on (Super Resolution), makes you look for alternative apps that inform you from the very beginning what to expect.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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Review summary


  • Enlarge images up to eight times
  • Includes a noise reduction function
  • Process multiple images at once


  • Saves the upscaled image with a watermark
  • Conversion takes longer than expected