Big Mountain Snowboarding

Big Mountain Snowboarding 1.05

Big Mountain Snowboarding is an arcade snowboarding game.

Big Mountain Snowboarding is an arcade snowboarding game. It is available on Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Nook. It features 3D graphics which aren't really great, so it's quite a plain gameplay. In the game, you have to pass through gate checkpoints. There are a number of gates that you have to pass through at each level, and you have a time limit to complete a level. The game has a trick system, but it isn't really implemented very well.

The game controls are really simple. You move with the left and right mouse keys, and jump with the up key. If you hold down the down arrow key, the snowboarder will tuck down to gain speed. While in mid-air, the up and down buttons control board grabs and the left and right keys control rotation. If you land a trick, you get extra points.

I say the trick system isn't well implemented because there aren't any good terrain features that you can jump off. And when you spot a feature that you can jump from, the jump doesn't really look that high. I landed 1440 jumps very easily, and I didn't fall, even when I didn't release the grab before landing.

In conclusion, Big Mountain Snowboarding is an OK arcade game. But it really isn't fun. Maybe an achievement system or better tricks would make it more appealing.

José Fernández
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  • Not the best graphics
  • Not the best trick system
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