Big Buttons Server

Big Buttons Server 1.0

Big Buttons Server lets you control your Mac from your iPhone.

Big Buttons Server lets you control your Mac from your iPhone. There are two different applications that are needed for this service to work. This one is the server application, which you install on your Mac. Then, you have to buy the $4.99 iOS app if you want to control your Mac with your iPhone. Unlike other similar applications that let you control your Mac remotely, this one lets you add as many actions as you want, provided that you know how to use Apple Script. This is not very hard and there are plenty of examples on the Internet. Big Buttons Server comes with over 10 scripts included that can carry out actions like playing and pausing video in Chrome, answer skype, mute skype, skip to the next song on Spotify, select idle workers in StarCraft 2, play and pause VLC, etc.

The main window of this app displays a list of your buttons on the left side, along with their buttons, and the actual arrangement of the buttons on the right side. This is how your buttons will look on your iPhone's screen. You can add new buttons from the iPhone app, but not from server app. There is a nice tutorial on how to do this on the developer's website.

José Fernández
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  • Nice interface
  • Allows for quite a great deal of actions


  • You can't add new buttons on the Mac
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