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BiblioSphere offers a unique combination of literature-mining and pathway analysis for molecular biologists interested in gene regulation and biological networks.
BiblioSphere Pathway Edition uses a comprehensive database of individually modeled relationships between genes, proteins, complexes, cells and tissues together with up-to-date text mining techniques for automated knowledge extraction to allow you to link your data to biological networks in different biological contexts.
Use BiblioSphere to extend biological networks beyond canonical pathway information (regulatory & metabolic) merge your high throughput results with biological knowledge and sequence based analyses perform context-sensitive regulatory pathway analysis generate experiment-specific pathway variants link pathways to disease mechanisms & genes do advanced experimental design New in 5.11: Various small enhancements and bugfixes
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New and Enhanced Data Sources Genomatix Expert Curated Gene-Gene Relations:
Genomatix has integrated its proprietary knowledge-base of expert curated data on gene regulation into BiblioSphere. This unique data source adds the semantics of gene-gene relationships to the dynamically generated BiblioSphere gene networks, providing information like "Gene A activates transcription of gene B" or "Gene A physically interacts with gene B".
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