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Be The Kiwi 1.0

Be The Kiwi is a game of balance with a bouncy green fruit.
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In Be The Kiwi, you control the eponymous fruit as it struggles to balance on a crate in the back of a pickup truck. The crate is constantly tipping left and right at random, making the effort to stay on board a constant struggle. Bananas (good) and apples (bad) fall from the sky; collect enough bananas and you can jump drastically higher for a short time, enabling you to knock passerby birds from the sky for big points.

The game has 2D graphics with an attractive handmade look that holds up rather well (except for the bird graphic, which is an MS Paint-esque triangle attached to an oval with eyes). Game difficulty increases progressively in the form of more extreme crate behavior, making it more difficult not to fall to your squishy roadside doom. It doesn't really make sense to me that apples deduct points, nor that they are falling from the sky, but I suppose a certain suspension of disbelief is appropriate if you've already gone so far as to project your consciousness into a fuzzy half-fruit.

Sam's Protip: While jumping can allow you to reach more bonuses, it's often a detriment to survival. Use with caution!

Sam Lloyd
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  • Attractive and consistent art direction with dynamic environment
  • Keeps a local high score


  • Gameplay gets stale fairly quickly
  • Incongruous soundtrack
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