basICColor display 6.0

Allows calibrating your monitor to enhance image quality.
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A tool like basICColor display comes in handy when you need to calibrate your monitor, which is very important if you want the colors in your screen to resemble as much as possible those you get from a printer. Although some monitors support hardware calibration; however, they are generally expensive, so it is a good thing that basICColor display is totally app-based.

Despite the technical difficulties involved in using a tool intended mostly for specialized use, basICColor display can help you perform your monitor calibration without much effort. Luckily, there are a series of predefined workflows that include Softproof, Photo Studio, Outdoor, Video and Web Design. Likewise, it is possible to create more custom workflows for other more specific uses. Moreover, you can save profiles and reuse them with different hardware, with the possibility of switching between them instantly without even opening the application.

Luckily, basICColor display allows hardware calibration, which is only possible with some monitors that support the calibration of their internal LUT. Likewise, the tool lets you validate the monitor after the calibration so that there are no measurement errors. The good news is that this app also takes into consideration external parameters such as ambient light.

As said, basICColor is app-based, which allows it to work with many types of sensors. In this respect, it is good to know that the application is constantly being updated for compatibility with the latest calibration hardware. Regrettably, though, it does not support older sensors that do not have native 64-bit support.

In general, basICColor display does a perfect calibration job, which can make the image on your screen look exactly like that on the printed paper. It also helps you reduce costs related to buying more modern monitors, as it allows profiling old monitors and extends their usable life. Fortunately, there is a downloadable demo of the product you can try to see if it works for you.

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Review summary


  • Achieves very accurate calibrations
  • Purely app-based
  • Supports multiple workflows
  • Allows instantly switching between profiles
  • Validates profiles
  • Constantly updated to support new sensors
  • Takes into account external parameters


  • Does not support non 64-bit sensors


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