Bali Quest: The Sacred Legacy

Bali Quest: The Sacred Legacy

Help Wicaksana and Wira collect the powerful godly weapons to overcome Ogoh-ogoh

Bali Quest: The Sacred Legacy is a puzzle game in which you need to align three or more tiles of the same type to make them disappear from the board. Your job is to destroy all yellow and iron plates that contain some of the tiles in order to complete the levels. The tiles include different types of marbles which offer different powers. These powers can be used to destroy tiles more easily. There are also several marbles that offer negative powers, which will try to make you lose time and make the game more challenging. These are frozen obstacles, water obstacles, fire obstacles, banana obstacles, among others.

The game doesn't include hints, but the game will automatically highlight a possible swap if it takes you too long to find a match. The game offers pretty simple graphics and sounds, and suitable music. Sadly, there's only one mode.

To conclude, Bali Quest: The Sacred Legacy is a challenging puzzle game which really doesn't have anything original or impressive, but at least it is enjoyable.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Multiple obstacles
  • Multiple power-ups
  • Enjoyable


  • Only one mode
  • Unoriginal
  • Simple graphics and sounds
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