Back2Me 1.6

Keep track of items you have loaned out from your house.
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Are you feeling not so well? You want a shelf on the wall screws, go to the basement, open the tool cabinet and find that the drill is not there. Whom I have borrowed it? Or do you want anshen on a rainy day your favorite movie on DvD or Blu-ray, but the DvD is not on the shelf. Whom have I the loan? That is now over, thanks Back2Me.
- unlimited number of entries
- add a picture to each entry
- unlimited number of user-defined categories
- Management of all the things that can be awarded
- Manage people
- Add people from contacts
- Add people from card file
- View by categories or persons
- Sending reminder emails with the borrowed things
What's new in this version:
New features:
- New context menu to delete picture
The following bugs were fixed:
- Change the category will now be saved
- Change text in text area "Comment" activates now the save button
- Change title and click the save button now changes the details window title



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