Azada: Elementa

Azada: Elementa is an entertaining puzzle game for Mac.
ERS Game Studios
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 4
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Azada: Elementa is a puzzle game where your goal is to help Titus, a young man who appears in your dreams, and save his magical land from a villain called Panoptes. On your journey through the mystical realm you will interact with various characters, explore numerous locations, and collect clues that help you get closer to completing your objective.

You can choose between three game modes (Casual, Advanced, and Fearless Hero), create multiple player profiles, use the interactive help guide, and much more. The game's graphics is amazing, the voice-overs from the cinematics are in sync with the videos, and the background music fits perfectly with the plot.

The thing I like the most about this puzzle game is that it brings a wide variety of challenges. Hence, you can never get bored while playing Azada: Elementa on your Mac.

Only one aspect bothers me: you need to restart the app in order to apply display option changes (for example: change from windowed to fullscreen mode).

Cutting a long story short, Azada: Elementa is a fun and addictive puzzle game filled with dozens of challenging riddles. So, I'd say it's definitely worth buying, especially since it comes with an affordable cost.

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  • Nice looking graphics and cinematics
  • Brings you dozens of challenging riddles
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Offers you plenty of useful hints and gameplay instructions


  • You need to restart the app to apply display changes (toggle windowed or fullscreen mode)



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