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Enjoy the BEST memory GAME on the Mac App Store!
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Enjoy the BEST memory GAME on the Mac App Store!
With TWELVE beautiful card sets, single player matches or AI opponents, it's truly awesome!
★ TWELVE finely crafted card sets
★ FIVE board sizes for adjustable difficulty
★ TWO game modes - "Standard" and "One Flip"
★ AI - Games can be played against computer opponents of three difficulty levels
★ Stunning visuals surpassing ANY other game of the genre
★ HIGH SCORES for single player mode
★ FREE lifetime upgrades with new card sets, game modes and extensions
"Awesome Memory Pro" is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and players take turns flipping two cards face up. The object of the game is to reveal pairs of matching cards. The game can be enjoyed on your own or in competition with up to three Ai opponents of different skill levels - you make them as strong as you dare.
With twelve beautifully illustrated card sets (Monster's Memory, ABC Animals, Classic, Caribbean Pirates, Turtles, Ancient Egypt, Doodle Space, Butterflies, Fruitmania, Parrots, Stars and Stripes and Back in the USSR) "Awesome Memory Pro" provides much more variety than ANY of the competing titles (Are there any?).
Top notch graphics, sounds and effects, exceeding anything in the genre, add up to many hours of fun filled entertainment.
"Awesome Memory Pro" is very easy to learn and both children and adults love it! Try "Awesome Memory Pro" and soon you'll find yourself trying to beat your own high-score in the single player mode or competing against computer-controlled opponents.
In addition, purchase "Awesome Memory Pro" now and you get all of the future upgrades - new card sets, game modes and extensions for FREE!
Q: How do I change themes?
A: Click the "Change Theme" button at the bottom of the game's window. In the opened theme browser click and drag the thumbnail of the theme you want to center it and see its description, and then click the "Apply" button.
Q: How do I start a multiplayer game?
A: Currently, there is no multiplayer in "Awesome Memory Pro". You can only play against Ai opponents of various strength. We'll add multiplayer in the first update.
Q: Should I buy "Awesome Memory Pro" or stick with the free version?
A: Free version has only one card set, while the Pro has 11. It's twelve times more content! And we'll add even more card sets in updates. And the Pro version has High Scores and several game modes (again more will come with updates).

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