AtHome Video Streamer - Video surveillance for home security

AtHome Video Streamer - Video surveillance for home security 4.0

Turn a Mac device into an online surveillance camera.
4.0.2 (See all)

Gain access to video streaming and recording capabilities of your Mac. Establish remote access to camera devices in different locations and view real-time feeds, save offline videos, manage visualization settings, enable and disable device work, etc.

AtHome Video Streamer instantly turns your Mac computer into a video surveillance camera. Pairing with AtHome Camera App, you can access and control the home security camera from anywhere at anytime.
******* Main Features ********
1. Remote monitoring on the go: Watch live video via 3G/4G or WiFi anytime anywhere using your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
2. Motion detection: Whenever motion is triggered, the 30-second video will be recorded, with email and push notification to inform you of the event.

******* 3 Steps to Setup ********
Step 1: Download AtHome Video Streamer from App Store and install it onto your Mac computer;
Step 2: A unique Connection ID (also called CID) will be assigned after AtHome Video Streamer is launched in the first time. You are required to define your own username and password;
Step 3: Start AtHome Camera app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, type in the above CID, the username and password, you are ready to connect!

If you have any questions about setting up an AtHome Video Streamer, please visit for details.
******** Supporting *********
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