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third-generation FileMaker calculator
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Avodata introduced a new, easy to use 3rd Generation Calculator for users of Windows and Macintosh computers. AvoCalc was written to meet the gaping need on the market for a powerful, yet easy to use Windows and Macintosh desktop calculator. It offers the features of a powerful scientific calculator, combined with the ease of use of a bookkeeping printing calculator. AvoCalc is a FileMaker-based single-user mode shareware program. The AvoCalc Calculator allows you to enter a formula using variables that you can freely define. This formula is saved and you can then enter new values for the variables at any time and AvoCalc will recalculate the answer. Intuitive and easy to use, AvoCalc is for everyone who needs to total figures or calculate formulas, simply and efficiently. Furthermore, AvoCalc can be used like a plug-in (developer tool) and integrated into FileMaker applications.
Ways of using AvoCalc: Stand alone
No additional program required Embedded
Developers can integrate the AvoCalc code into other FileMaker applications and use it to perform calculations on data entered. Your Benefits: Enter expression as you write it! Unlimited history (track your steps)! Advanced calculator functions (and much more)! Works with complex formulas! Use AvoCalc as your formula library! The AvoCalc is also an easy add-on for your FileMaker solution: One file solution! no plug-in needed! Free Testing:
You can test AvoCalc Calculator free of charge for 30 days (in fact it is the same software as the registered version). If you want to continue using it after the trial period, you can register your copy and pay a low cost shareware fee.
What's new in this version:
The AvoCalc Calculator, Version 1.0.1, allows you to import formulas (records) form other AvoCalc Calculators. Registration problems are fixed.



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