Avenue Flo - Special Delivery 2.0

Avenue Flo - Special Delivery is a adventure game in which you organize parties.
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Avenue Flo - Special Delivery is a nice adventure game in which you organize baby showers and your job is to have everything ready for the party. On every level, you will have a list of tasks to perform. You will explore your neighborhood trying to get all the things requested. You will be able to enter certain locations such as shops to get what you need for the parties and even speak with the characters to obtain clues and extra information. You can also click on items you see, and pick them up, if you need them. The objects you pick up will be placed in your inventory for future use. You can also collect balloons and bottles in the streets and then trade them for a subway token.

The game includes two modes: Adventure and Activities. However, the activities need to be played in the main mode first in order to be unlocked. There is a great variety of activities and they also include hints and multiple levels. There are also lots of medals that you can win by completing the levels under certain conditions. The game offers simple but attractive graphics, average sounds, and suitable music.

To conclude, Avenue Flo - Special Delivery is an enjoyable game with lots of things to do, but it may seem a bit silly for advanced players.

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  • Nice theme
  • Lots of things to do
  • Awards


  • A bit silly for adults or advanced players
  • Simple graphics



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