Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors

Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors is a fun puzzle game.
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DominiGames, Dynamic Systems Group
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 4
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Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors is an exciting puzzle game that brings you a wide variety of riddles to solve, locations to explore, and a captivating storyline. You will play as Anna, a young archaeologist, who embarks in a journey to a mysterious land called Atlantis.

This game provides you with plenty of challenging levels where your goal is to either find hidden objects from a given list or match letters to form words. Each time you complete a puzzle you interact with other characters who guide you in your journey; and if you want, you can skip the cinematics and simply resume gameplay at anytime.

A good thing about Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors is that it automatically saves game progress; therefore, you don't have to worry about saving every time you finish exploring a location or resolve a riddle. In addition, you get access to plenty of hints that help you find solutions for your puzzles.

To summarize, Atlantis: Mysteries of Ancient Inventors is a fascinating game for Mac users who wish to test their puzzle solving skills in a race against time.

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  • Interesting plot filled with dozens of puzzles to solve and locations to explore
  • Automatically saves game progress
  • You can skip cinematics if you want to
  • Offers you plenty of hints


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages



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