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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the latest installment of the series.
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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the latest installment of the series. It is an open-world, action and adventure game. In it, you play as Desmond Miles, who is able to take control of Ezio Auditore by using his genetic memory. Basically, Ezio was an assassin a long time ago, and Desmond, being a descendant, can access his memories and relieve them thanks to some advanced equipment.

This game is very similar to the first two games, but there have been some changes. In terms of gameplay, you can now recruit citizens and make your own assassin army. You assign contracts to people that you save throughout the game, and then you can call them into action when you need them. You still move through the city by jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and although this works better than past games, there is still the occasional time when you inexplicably fall from buildings or fail to grab ledges. This is not a big deal, though. Another addition to the game is multiplayer. This time around, you can play against other players online. There are different game modes, but I found that most of them are very pretty similar. For example, one of the modes gives you a target that you have to kill, but another player has to kill you before you kill your objective.

The graphics are slightly better and the open-world is better designed than before. I like that you can take shortcuts through tunnels and you can use your horse most of the time.

There are some things that I still don't like about the Assassin's Creed games. My biggest complaint is that the combat system is too easy. When you fight multiple enemies, they all wait and attack you one at the time, making it very easy for you to counter-attack them. Also, the game still feels a bit repetitive.

José Fernández
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  • Good graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Assassin armies
  • Shortcuts


  • Repetitive
  • Combat system
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