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Artist's Butler 3.8

Artist's Butler is a studio manager for any artist or photographer.
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With Artist's Butler you still have to do this stuff, but it sure does make it all easier and faster. In addition, reports printed or emailed from Artist's Butler all smell very professional, regardless of the state of your studio.
Over several years we've developed Artist's Butler to answer the very practical business demands of career artists. It’s never too soon for any artist to get organized. How do you organize artists? Introduce them to Artist’s Butler!
Documenting and
maintaining an
inventory of each item
produced or sold, including
its exhibition history;
· Maintaining your
resumè to include your
most recent exhibits;
· Preparing slides and
· Keeping your mailing
list up-to-date and sending
batch email;
· Preparing price lists and
consignment sheets for
customers and galleries;
· Maintaining orderly
· Create a printed Catalog to
introduce your work to
prospective galleries.
· Print Certificates of

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