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Create design projects and export or share them.
6 May 2022
21 Feb 2014
12 Jun 2013
Editorial review
10 Sep 2012
25 Feb 2012
Editorial review
11 Feb 2011

What's new

v1.8 [12 Jun 2013]
- Bug fixes
- Added preference to turn off trackpad gestures
- Images and SVG files can be opened as complete documents from the Image Browser.

v1.6 [10 Sep 2012]
- Updated for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
- Updated all artwork for Retina displays
- Updated to support trackpad gestures for scrolling, zooming and rotation
- Updated to support sandboxing
- Greatly improved interactive method for cropping and scaling image objects
- Images can now be directly adjusted for contrast, saturation, exposure, etc.
- Improved workflow when working with styles
- Isometric grids are now supported
- Basic isometric objects added to standard clip art collection
- Boolean operations now preserve original bezier paths and do not degenerate to vector paths
- Boolean operations can now be used to clip images, text and groups in a logical fashion
- Boolean operations are no longer restricted to pairs of objects
- Improved appearance for control handles embedded directly into objects
- Drag and Drop of a color onto a group enhanced to be applied to each individual object within the group in a sensible manner
- Export now supports an arbitrary scaling factor
- Menus simplified and reorganised, and have greater contextual awareness
- Added commands to duplicate a layer, show/hide objects and more
- Contextual menus in layers sidebar now properly context sensitive with respect to the clicked layer
- Can now search within Image and Template browsers
- Image and Template Browsers now get notified of file changes made external to the app
- Source viewer for SVG images
- General UI improvements
- Bugs fixed with SVG stroke widths and CSS styles
- Bugs fixed with export
- Bug fixed with using the cut path tool on an Arc or Wedge
- Bug fixed with incorrect highlight color used on some objects
- Bug fixed with group clipping paths
- Bug fixed with hit-testing objects that have a disabled fill component
- Bug fixed with correct display of items within an iPhoto 'container' item
- Bug fixed with correct alignment of image adornments on a path object

v1.4 [25 Feb 2012]
Adds ability to directly collapse and expand handles on a path.
Better precision in the mouse coordinates toolbar widget.
Polar Duplicate calculates the angle needed for a circle for you.
Tool keyboard shortcuts made case insensitive.
Warning when using transparent colours in a gradient.
Copy of objects made greatly more efficient, especially for large objects, or when the selection covers a large area of a drawing - no spinning pizza!
Some unnecessary preferences were removed.
Some defaults were changed. In particular, Lion features Autosave and Versions (which were present in 1.3, but OFF by default) are now ON by default. They may still be disabled if you dislike Lion's document management.
Changed the meaning of "hairline" width in the format bar - now 0.1pt, not 0pt.
Added path commands to the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking on a path.
Fixed bug with allowing locked objects to be moved to another layer.
Fixed bug with display of radius and diameter dimension lines.
Fixed bug with display of 0-width orthogonal lines.
Fixed bug with dash patterns having all-zero values.
Fixed bug with display of layers sidebar when resuming after quit.

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