Arriving 2.0

Solve different puzzles by connecting a dinosaur egg with energy.
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Arriving is a very relaxing puzzle game for Mac. The game can be played with a mouse and with trackpads. In the game, you have to solve different puzzles by connecting a dinosaur egg with energy. Usually, the egg starts on one side of the screen and the energy is on the other side. You have to create shapes with your mouse to connect them. The first levels are quite easy. Simply pushing the egg to one side does the trick. The following levels get more complicated, and you have to build platforms and other structures to get the egg from one side of the screen to the other.

The story of the game is quite nice. The unhatched egg has Ano inside it. He doesn't have the necessary energy to break out, so with every bit of energy that you collect, you get closer to helping it come out. There are 53 different levels in 7 different scenes.

Arriving is a very nice game to play. It is easy, and the music and atmosphere of the game do a great job in helping you relax. But keep in your mind that the app is currently free for a limited time only.

José Fernández
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  • Great music
  • Fun to play


  • The instructions could be a bit clearer
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