Araxis Replace In Files

Araxis Replace In Files 2012.234

Perform quick search and replacement for texts.
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2012.234 (See all)

Find and replace text elements in different types of files, documents, etc. Work with code packages, HTML, XML, or other types of documents. Browse the list of matches found and automatically replace the selected content like names, numbers, and their combinations.

Araxis Replace In Files helps you to find and replace text quickly, even across thousands of source code, HTML, XML or other text files. Use it to update copyright notices, product names, version numbers, or anything else you can think of.Araxis Replace In Files is delightfully easy to use.
Preview search results and work interactively, or replace all matches in one go.
Restrict searches to particular file types.
Process files with different text encodings (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.)
Match exact text, or optionally broaden your search using regular expressions (regex).

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