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Free A digital stylized conversion of the classic game.
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Eugene Kryukov
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Play the latest digital conversion of Mahjong. Enter the virtual environment with stylized visuals and control the pieces on hand, analyze the moves of an AI or online opponent, build your own strategy. Keep track of the current score and check out competition rankings.

Aqua Mahjong is a new-approach Mahjong game for those who wish to spend their time in the most relaxing way. Once you are into the world of Aqua Mahjong you are never out. It fascinates your imagination, trains your attention and brings relaxation to your tense feelings. With Aqua Mahjong you can forget about the outer world and plunge into the river of time that brings you the tiles of the ancient game. Your task is to match them to the tiles you are provided with at the beginning of every level. Aqua Mahjong is a bright, but not flashy, picturesque, but not loud-colored masterpiece of a game. The green scenery behind the tiles lets your eyes relax. Aqua Mahjong is a game where you never lose. You are competing against yourself, that is, the time you will spend for every level. The tiles for matching appear one after another in a constant flow. As you move through the levels, the number of tiles to match as well as the speed of the river, bringing you tiles, will increase. If you are not fast enough, your screen will first be filled with 5 tiles standing far away from each other, then, as the other tiles follow, the tiles will start moving closer till 16 of them fill up the screen. Then they will disappear and give way to a new flow. This change of tiles will cost you no points, which means you can play Aqua Mahjong at your own pace. That is why the game is so relaxing. Aqua Mahjong not only lets you choose your tempo, it also provides you with colorful and imaginative bonus and special functions tiles. You have a "heart of the world" tile that can match any other tiles, "big boom" tile that gets rid of all tiles brought by the river, "hush-up" tile that freezes the river flow, as well as tiles to shuffle all the tiles to match, highlight matching tiles when you move the cursor over them. Aqua Mahjong copies our life, as far as in both of them everything comes and everything goes, and we should understand that it is the moment of now one has to value most.

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