AppShelf 2.3

It helps you store software license keys in one place.
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AppShelf is a Mac utility that enables you to store software license keys in one place. This program might prove to be of good use if you purchased many applications over the years and wish to keep the registration information nicely organized. This tool comes as a quick and easy alternative to searching through emails and registration files for app serial numbers.

The application brings you a straightforward interface so any user can easily handle it. AppShelf automatically detects all the programs, preferences panes, widgets, and plugins you have installed on your Mac and organizes them into categories. You can create separate groups to store license key information.

This tool also comes with a built-in search utility that helps you immediately locate the app, widget or plugin you're looking for.

Another important advantage is the fact that this program comes with an option to password-protect its contents. By enabling this protection, you make sure no unauthorized user can access and use your personal software license keys.

To conclude, I think it's worth buying this utility for your Mac if you purchased a large amount of apps and wish to easily keep track of your license keys. The program is simple to use, password-protects your info, and is cheap.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Automatically detects and reveals all installed apps, widgets, plugins, etc
  • Brings you an integrated search utility
  • You can password-protect the stored content


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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