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A simulation game about airport approach control.
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Vincent Lambercy
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Assume the role of an approach controller at a virtual airport. Guide aircraft approaching and departing at an increasing pace while avoiding collisions and other accidents. Complete multiple challenges and unlock more and more elements while keeping a score.

Do you have what it takes to be an Approach Controller at a busy airport?
Can you guide aircraft approaching and departing at an increasing pace?
Like a real-life air traffic controller you must maintain a lateral separation of 3 miles or a vertical separation of 1000 feet between aircraft landing and departing.
Give altitude, speed, heading and direct-to clearances to aircraft and make them reach the initial approach fix or the exit point at the flight plan altitude.
Challenge your skills at 21 different airports:
* London Heathrow
* New-York JFK
* Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
* Houston Intercontinental
* Frankfurt am Main
* Miami International
* Zurich Kloten
* Chicago O'Hare
* Amsterdam Schiphol
* Dallas Fort-Worth
* Denver International
* Sydney Kingsford Smith
* Las Vegas Mc Carran
* Los Angeles International
* Hamburg
* Wichita Mid-Continent
* San Diego
* Madrid Barajas
* Charlotte Douglas International
* Milano Malpensa
* Copenhagen

Contact us on to have your favorite airport included in the next version.
This app reproduces features of real air traffic control systems:
* various label schemes
* speed vector
* short term conflict alerts

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