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Free App Bar is a really simple application launcher for your Mac.
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Raj Kumar Shaw
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App Bar is a really simple application launcher for your Mac. It is a free tool that lets you quickly launch any of the applications in your Applications folder. It runs both on your Dock and on the menubar, but you can customize it to show only the menubar icon. In other words, you can prevent the dock icon from appearing. What you can't do is run the app only from the Dock.

App Bar did a good enough job of detecting and displaying my applications. When I first launched the app, all my apps were ready. You can launch application by simply clicking on them, just as you would with any other .app file in your system. If you have more apps than you can display on your screen, the menu will be scrollable.

Unfortunately, you can't control App Bar with your keyboard. It would be great if you could call it up with a hotkey and then use the first letter of an app to launch it. That would make it easy and quick to launch apps with it.

The developers claim that App Bar is the fastest way you can launch apps on your Mac. I disagree. But the addition of hotkey support would help the app to achieve that goal.

JF Senior editor
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  • It is fast


  • No hotkey support



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