Animix 1.8

Animix is a simple image editor for Mac computers.
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Animix is program designed for Mac users who wish to turn their photos into animated artwork. The application provides you with various visual effects, allows you to save the results as screensavers for your computer, and works with a wide range of image formats.

You can apply effects that display falling snowflakes or raindrops, wave motion, and moving clouds over the selected photos. Each type of animation comes with individual output configurations that enable you to adjust the levels of intensity, speed or frequency.

Once you finish altering the input photo, you can preview the result and then export it to the desired output format (AnimixScene, MOV, and PNG).

Unfortunately, the program comes with several disadvantages: it freezes when applying more than one visual effect per photo, it supports a small amount of output formats, and it offers tacky effects. Furthermore, the output files look a bit tacky as well if you ask me.

As a conclusion, I'd say you can find better solutions for animating your favorite pictures. This application brings important flaws and it comes with a price tag, hence, it's not worth acquiring it.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Lets you preview the results before exporting them
  • Supports various image formats


  • Tacky visual effects and results
  • Occasionally freezes and uses a large amount of CPU resources
  • Supports a small amount of output formats
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