Angry Birds Star Wars 1.5

Angry Birds Star Wars brings the record-breaking game series into the Star Wars universe...
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Angry Birds Star Wars is the newest game in the Angry Birds franchise. It now incorporates the Star Wars universe into the game, adding several hours of new and original gameplay to an already great game. In every Angry Birds game, you have to take out one or multiple enemies by using a slingshot to shoot angry birds into them. Each level is different and the enemies will be harder to hit because they will be hidden into structures.

The first story arc that you play is called Tatooine, a fictional planet introduced in the Star Wars films. There are several levels, and every four or five levels, a new introductory scene appears and you unlock a new angry bird. The second story arc is the famous Death Star, and you unlock it after completing all the Tatooine levels. Each new angry bird that you unlock has a power that helps you clear the levels. For example, the first one that you unlock can use Jedi powers to kill the pigs or move structures. After you launch the bird, you can click on the direction in which you want to use these powers. Some of the other birds can even use light sabers.

This great game features over 80 different levels, including the bonus ones that you have to unlock. No two levels are the same and the challenges keep on coming throughout the game. It is very hard to get three stars in each level, but that won't probably stop any hardcore fans of the franchise.

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  • A lot of levels
  • The Star Wars theme is achieved quite well
  • Unlockable bonus levels and birds
  • New gameplay mechanics


  • None


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