And Yet It Moves 1.3

Imagine the press of a button would tilt the world, turning walls into floors...
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And Yet It Moves is an excellent platform and adventure game. It is a physics-based game in which you have to rotate the game world to solve puzzles and finish each level. You control a caricature-like character who can only move front, back and jump. But, he has the special ability of being able to rotate the world around him. With the left and right arrow keys, you can rotate the world in any way you want. You can do this while you are moving, too, which is a bit challenging at first, but totally worth it once you get the hang of it.

The game has a ton of different levels, and there are quite a few game achievements, which reward you for completing certain goals like finishing a level in a specific time, or playing all the levels, etc.

The first few levels of the game will teach you how to play, and they are quite easy. However, as you progress through the game, the puzzles get more complicated.

And Yet It Moves is presented really well. All the menus look great, and are smooth to use, and the game textures are quite pleasant. It is a great game to have, and It should be considered as good as Limbo and Braid. It is definitely a game you should try.

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José Fernández
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It is a pretty strange game in design. You play for a drawn character that runs through a world, made of torn paper. Still it is fun and enjoyable to play.

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