Anaglyph Workshop 3.0

Create anaglyphs from single pictures, image pairs, and depth maps.
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Anaglyph Workshop can help you create 3D effects on your photographs with a technique called “anaglyph”. It is based on superimposing two images using a color combination that produces stereoscopy when seen through appropriate color filters. The program can generate such effects from not only pairs of pictures but also single images. Besides, it supports basic editing procedures, like resizing and cropping.

The program has a straightforward interface, so you do not really need to be an expert to use it. All its features can be accessed from the main window, so there are no hidden options. However, it is good to know there is documentation to help you if you have any difficulty.

Anaglyph Workshop supports two modes: Single and Batch. When processing a group of pictures, it is excellent that the tool can work with all the pictures in the selected folder by forming pairs between a picture and the next. It supports a wide range of picture formats. Besides, it allows importing depth maps, or tridimensional representations of objects, which can even be created with the built-in editor.

In general, Anaglyph Workshop works as expected. It does a good job in creating anaglyphs without putting a strain on system resources. Besides, the product does not have any obvious drawbacks in terms of quality of the results. I would only mention that it is available for a price, although small, and there is at least one online tool that can do quite the same for free.

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  • Supports single pictures and pairs of images
  • Automatically arranges pictures in batch mode
  • Compatible with various picture types
  • Imports and creates depth maps
  • Good quality results


  • Free similar tools are available online


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