Allora and the Broken Portal 2.0

Save a wizard from a terrible fate in Allora and The Broken Portal.
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Az-ART Development Studio
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Allora and the Broken Portal is a beautifully hand-drawn hidden-object game. The story of the game tells you about a magician, Oldiel, who has built a portal and has been sucked into it, because he had forgotten to have it fine-tuned by a human. So, only the human can repair the portal. As you've probably already guessed, you are this very human who will help Allora, an elf girl, and fix the portal. To perform the task you will have to find magic crystals that power the portal and solve various puzzles.

The game offers you nice graphics and music, interesting, but not very challenging gameplay. There are no difficulty levels to choose from. And, besides sparkled significant locations and rechargeable hints, it also has 'cursor-hints'. For, instance, an 'eye-cursor' means that an inventory item should be used, and left-clicking with a 'hand-cursor' will move you to a new location. The dairy informs you about the portal history and the places you have already visited, not to get lost.

Despite all the mentioned above, Allora and the Broken Portal, can help you fill in the time when you are bored.

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  • Useful cursor-hints
  • Interesting game play
  • Nice music and graphics


  • No difficulty levels



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