AlchemyTV DVR 2.5

Enable watching fullscreen TV content on a Mac.
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Capture and play television programming. Schedule a recording session for a specific time and date, create media files in common formats for playback and storage. Alternatively, capture the streaming media in real time. Adjust visual and audio quality, change the file size, etc.

AlchemyTV DVR lets you watch TV in full-screen mode on your Mac.
AlchemyTV DVR features a scheduled recording functionality allowing you program the time and date for your recordings in a few easy steps.Your favourite TV program will be recorded onto your hard drive for later viewing or export to VCD or DVD.
With its TV/Antenna input, composite, S-VHS inputs and stereo audio connector, AlchemyTV DVR can tune in to any TV station or record from your VCR. The Mac OS X compatible software allows you to select the supported QuickTime plug-in of your choice. This allows you to fine tune the level of video quality and size you desire. Fast Macs can even capture straight to the new MPEG-4 codec



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