Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost 1.05

Age of Enigma is a paranormal puzzle-based adventure game.
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Age of Enigma is a paranormal adventure game in which you must free a host of ghosts by solving puzzles from their past. Progress is mostly item-based, which may prove frustrating for those who prefer logic-based puzzles to hidden-object hunting.

My main complaint about Age of Enigma is that it tries to be too many things. Some of its scenes are clearly meant to inspire shock or horror (due to surprise, not gore), and at the same time it is filled with determinedly non-creepy "Hooray!"-type sound effects to remind casual players that they are making progress. It tries to be a hidden object game but oftentimes you have no idea what you are supposed to be looking for, resulting in an unrestricted clickfest of desperate object hunting. And it tries to be a puzzle game, but all it really does to this effect is insert periodic activities of the spot-the-difference and sudoku-clone varieties, which it permits the player to skip at will. Perhaps it succeeds to some extent at introducing casual players to some more complex environment-based gameplay, while keeping their interest with overtly positive reinforcement. Still, everything about the program is rather mediocre, and I don't recommend a purchase at the standard price.

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  • Graphics are quite nice
  • Some mini-game puzzles are novel


  • Impossible to restart storyline or re-watch narrative cutscenes
  • Voice acting is terrible
  • Most puzzles feel more like pointless interruptions



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  • Ghost hunting soft
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