Adventures of Kaveman Karl 1.1

Adventures of Kaveman Karl is a platform game in which you must find items.
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The adventures of Kaveman Karl features a famous or rather “famous for having a head like an orange” explorer who has been sent back through time. Being a man of low education and not very dexterous. It seemed a good idea by his comedic friends to teach him a number of lessons. The first being life saving (himself), the second (flexibility and control) to advance through the levels and survive and thirdly to collect a number of golden bones buried on each level.

Buried in the ground in each level, there are many items to find. Each item earns points and at the end of each level, Karl is awarded gems based on the amount of points he has. You must find five golden bones before you can progress to the next level.

Jump under each block to see if you can find an item, some blocks are too hard to dig while others can unleash nasty monsters so be careful. Jump on top of small monsters to kill them and avoid others.

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