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Adrenalin Racing is probably the only full featured racing game on the mac.
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Adrenalin Racing is probably the only full featured racing game that is published as shareware on the mac. In this game you can drive 20 concept cars which each have an unique handling and performance. You can test your skills on over 10 tracks. If that is not enough cars can be added later on and if you can model 3d cars and know something about a thing called resource files you can even make your own cars. The game features four unique game modes. It has a classic tournament style where point are rewarded per race. There are 3 degrees on which this can be played. These are easy, medium and hard. Also the game mode "Adrenalin" can be played which has the same difficulty degrees. Adrenalin is the same as the wellknown knock-out concept. Only a bit harder that the player needs to be first to proceed. To compensate for this difficulty the player gets three credits at the start of adrenalin. If he did not finish he can use his credit to continue anyway. Winning Adrenalin opens up new cars and tracks. The game features also Arcade where just one race is played. The same as Arcade is Ghost except the player is not driving against computer openents but against recorded records of his own driving. Adrenalin Racing is one of the few games that have this gamemode.

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