Ace Slot Machine Casino

Ace Slot Machine Casino 2.0

Latest version of the smash hit iOS game "Ace Slots Casino!" An entire Slot Machine Casino right on your desktop!
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If you are easily entertained by die rolling, you will be swept off your feet by Ace Slot Machine Casino, which simulates a slot machine in all its pocket-emptying glory. Six themes are available, all with the same underlying rules about how you win virtual currency. (Did I say win? I meant lose.) In the end though, it doesn't matter what the specific rules are because you have no control over the outcome of the spin; your only choice is how much you're willing to wager given how lucky you feel at a given moment and whether you're broke in virtual currency yet.

There is a leveling system and bonus round advertised as game features, but I played for as long as I could stand and ran out of money before I even saw Level 2 or what the bonus games involve. Your inventory of "Tiny Bucks" recharges at a rate of 10 per minute, but only if the application is open. There's always the in-app purchases to keep the "fun" going. Or you could check out one of the ads for the developer's other apps, which, according to the release history, were removed in this version. Oops.

Sam's Protip: If you're intent on playing this "game", set the "Lines" value to 1. You'll level up way faster and have more chance of getting a bonus round.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Choice of themes and winning conditions
  • Bonus rounds once in a blue moon


  • Developer's claim of "Ultra-Authentic casino feel" is the wildest lie I've read in a while
  • Play long enough and you'll go broke, just like the real world slots!
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