Accelotech Barcode Generator Software 2.1

Create UPC, EAN, ISBN (978 & 979), ISSN, UPC NDC in easy one step.
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VectoBar Pro Linear Basic - a barcode generator software, creates UPC, EAN, ISBN along with few other barcode symbols which will satisfy designers, labelers, book publishers around the world who need only UPC/EAN based barcodes. This package is affordable, yet powerful enough to create barcode in any dimensions with high accuracy. Features: 1 VectoBar Pro Linear Barcode creates barcode in EPS and PDF format. 2 Users can create barcodes from 50% to 300% with this barcode software. 3 This barcode maker gives you options to have two additional texts beside human readable which can be useful to place price, expiration date, LOT number etc. 4 With this barcode generator users can have both CMYK and RGB color formats to interact. 5 Create up to 5000 serialized barcodes using this barcode software. 6 This barcode maker allows you to create series of barcodes from text file. 7 With this barcode creator you can save templates for different specialized barcodes, and retrieve easily when needed. 8 The barcode software provides bar width reduction to compensate printer gains or loss. 9 VectoBar Pro barcode software gives you EPS preview so that you will have WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) experience. 10 Control bar height independent of magnification or X Dimension with our barcode generator. 11 You can add space and hyphen in human readable with this barcode software. 12 You will have options to hide UPC or EAN cut to make barcode straight using the barcode maker. 13 You can also take human readable out of barcode if needed. (Useful when space or hyphen used). 14 You may hide or move human readable or supplement text with this barcode generator.



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