Abobo's Big Adventure

Free A flash-based game tribute to the NES, starring the angriest man alive.
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 4
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Created over the course of a decade as the ultimate parody-tribute to the classic games of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Abobo's Big Adventure is a humorous trip through a multitude of 8-bit worlds and genres. As the titular Double Dragon villain, your task is to traverse these worlds and retrieve, at whatever cost, your kidnapped son Aboboy.

Each level in the game parodies a different title from the era while nominally bringing Abobo closer to rescuing his son. Mostly these are platformers of various types, but a Zelda-style dungeon level midway through mixes things up. There are also a couple of unlockable minigames, including a multiplayer versus mode, which add to the gameplay variety. If there's one thing to be said about this game, it's that it's not really any one type of game, except a lighthearted and fun one... particularly for those who appreciate a bit of black humor.

Be warned: this game contains a substantial amount of graphic cartoon violence. Not recommended for children or for casual gamers, who will probably neither get the multitude of inside jokes aimed at gaming veterans, nor enjoy the moderately high difficulty level created for that same audience.

SL Senior editor
Sam Lloyd
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  • Humor at every step plus quality gameplay
  • Bonus games and huge list of in-game achievements


  • Feels more like a browser game than a desktop game, especially with pre-game ads
  • May erase progress unexpectedly



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