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ABC MAGIC 4 is a nice educational game for kids that will help them recognize similar sounds. The objective of the game is to match the sound with the objects shown by dragging the objects to the empty squares. Every time you click on an image, you will hear its pronunciation, so the kid can recognize the sounds more easily. The game includes three difficulty levels. In one of them the kids must find three objects, in the other, 6, and in the other, 9.

The game doesn't display a score, and a new game will be created every time you complete one. If an object doesn't belong to the sound you selected, you won't be able to drop it there. The objects shown include animals, means of transport, fruits, games, musical instruments, and others, and they are all very attractive. Unfortunately, the game doesn't include music or options, which is really a shame.

In short, ABC MAGIC 4 may be a nice choice when looking for a program to help your kids recognize similar sounds. It is also perfect for English teachers.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Educational
  • Cute images
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Free


  • No music
  • No options
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