A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home 1.3

A Long Way Home is a very nicely-designed arcade game.

A Long Way Home is a very nicely-designed arcade game. The story behind the game is quite simple: your ship was destroyed and you are stranded in space, so you need to make it back home to Earth. The only problem is that you have only your wormhole generator and your wrist computer to help you. The generator runs on dark matter, and you are low on it. So you have to jump from asteroid to asteroid to retrieve enough dark matter each level to make a jump through a wormhole. Unfortunately, the jumps are small, because your computer isn't working well and some damage was done to the generator in the explosion.

The first few levels are simple and full of explanations on how to play. These explanations are done by your wrist computer, which also tells your the story level after level. The first few ones are full of messages that you have to click on to discard and keep playing, but after level three, you will see less messages and more play time. To jump from asteroid to asteroid, you need to wait for the right moment and click with the left button of your mouse. If you collect all the dark matter in a level, the computer will open up a wormhole for you and you will need to jump into it as well to complete the level. If you miss an asteroid or wormhole, you will drift away and the level will be restarted. If you miss an asteroid by only a little, you will still land on it because the gravity will pull you in.

A Long Way Home has a great level design, which with nice piano music soundtrack makes the game enjoyable and, even relaxing. The levels are not very hard, at least not the ones that I played. There are a ton of levels, though, so the game might become harder.

José Fernández
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  • Nice design
  • Lots of levels


  • The gameplay might be too slow at times
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