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Updated 7 years ago
Firefox - Quickly browse the web without slowing down your Mac.
iMovie - iMovie lets you edit your clips into a movie with soundtrack and themes.
iTunes - iTunes is built-in Mac software which does far more than just play tunes.
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Updated 7 years ago
LibreOffice - Office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, drawing tool) compatible with other major office suites.
Removed 7 years ago
Nisus Thesaurus
Nisus Thesaurus - This app gives you access to word explanations, synonyms, and antonyms.
Kitty Spangles Solitaire
Kitty Spangles Solitaire - ON SALE! HURRY, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! The PREMIER SOLITAIRE for your Mac features 46 great games, including Klondike, Canfield...
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Removed 7 years ago
Updated 7 years ago
Removed 7 years ago
NengoCalc - With this tool, the users can convert Japanese dates into Western equivalents.
Picasa - Picasa and Picasa Web Albums allows you to organize, edit, and upload your photos to the Web from your computer in quick, simple steps.
Updated 7 years ago
Dropbox - Automatically back up your data to your Dropbox account.
Microsoft Entourage
Microsoft Entourage - Microsoft Entourage for Mac helps you easily manage all your information....
Removed 7 years ago
QuickTime Player
QuickTime Player - A universal media player developed specifically for Mac OS X by Apple, Inc.
XQuartz - Community supported version of the X11 server for Mac OS X.
Updated 7 years ago
Xcode - Xcode is the complete toolset for building Mac OS X and iOS applications.
Removed 7 years ago
InfoClick - InfoClick is a powerful email search tool for Mac OS.
Found - Found is an incredible file search utility that can search in cloud services.