Windows Server

Air Video Server
Air Video Server is a video streaming application for the Mac. It is the server-side component of a software solution...
...from home. The server application is totally free ...Air Video Server is available for Windows as well.
Navicat for SQL Server
Navicat for SQL Server is an ideal solution for SQL Server administration and development...
...ideal solution for SQL Server administration and development ...It runs on Windows and Mac OSX with...
JumiCam – Webcam streamer for Windows PC
JumiCam app features a high performance monitoring, tracking & spying system that connects your Mac...
...NOTE: JumiController server currently AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS PCs ONLY and...
Syncellence Server
Dialectro Software.
Syncellence can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth1 to transfer files, photos, movies, and contacts between iPhones...
...iPhones, iPod Touches, Macs, Windows, and Linux PCs. It...
Joseph Labrecque
DropFolders can be configured as a service and deployed in a server environment using Microsoft Windows Server Resource Kit...
...deployed in a server environment using Microsoft Windows Server Resource Kit SRVANY...
formZ Render Server
AutoDesSys, Inc.
Rendering speed is controlled primarily by the speed of the processor. The faster the processor...
...you down a lot with Windows. form·Z allows you to...
FileMaker Server
FileMaker, Inc.
FileMaker Server is fast, reliable server software to securely share information with groups...
...across iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac. Connect up ...with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL...
Wowza Media Server Pro
Wowza Media Systems
Wowza Media Server Pro is a powerful and extensible pure Java alternative to Adobe Flash...
...client side scripting & server side programming and ...platform - runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX...
Server Scout X
turingart, branch of CUBiC
Server Scout is an application, which monitors networked communication systems [Apache...
...scripts. Due to Server Scout's versatile sensor ...web- or application server - OS X, Windows, UNIX or...
SmartControls Server for Mac
Stefan Unterthiner, David Siebenforcher
With this program you can operate your favorite computer programs with your iPhone...
...your iPhone. SmartControls Server features: ...Change between open windows and programs with a...
Logitech Media Server
Logitech Inc.
Logitech Media Server is a our powerful and free that will power any Squeezebox or Transporter...
Logitech Media Server is a our powerful ...network. Logitech Media Server runs on Windows, Mac, Linux...
Easy File Sharing Web Server
EFS Software
Easy File Sharing Web Server for Mac is a Mac file sharing app that allows visitors to upload/download...
...friends between Mac and Windows. They can search ...programs. The SSL Server supports HTTPS(256 bytes...
Optix Server
mindwrap, inc.
An Optix Server is at the heart of each Optix system. It's function is to securely manage your document...
...requests. Optional add-on server modules provide Workflow ...not only runs on Windows, but also on Sun...
Omnis Studio Server
Raining Data
Omnis Studio Server lets you develop and deploy applications under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX...
...Server lets you develop and deploy applications under Windows ...all leading server databases, including...
e-Madness - Windows
Epiphany Solutions
e-Madness is an amazing new software application, designed and built exclusively to facilitate...
...to install a free web server on your machine to...
SmartLog for FileMaker Server
Two Southpaws
SmartLog provides log analysis for FileMaker Server event log files. SmartLog takes the event log...
...Server 5 for Macintosh OS 9 and Windows, FileMaker Server 5.5 for Macintosh OS 9/X, Windows...
VPN-X Server/Client
VPN-X:Java/ Cross-platform P2P/SSL/TLS VPN solution.Now the VPN support windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, linux...
...Now the VPN support windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista ...sometimes; Route issue on windows 7 and Mac OS X...
Remote Display Server (Mac)
Remote Display enables desktop extension and mirroring using networked Macs and Windows PCs...
...using networked Macs and Windows PCs. One or more ...by running Remote Display Server, and one Mac or...
Apple OS X Server
OS X Server is the next generation of Apple's award winning server software. Designed for OS X and iOS devices...
...into a server that's perfect ...Server configuration option to output DNS TXT records in Windows...

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